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Before & After House Photos

Tami Stough

Do you love where you live? I do. And, I can help you get to that place. We'll take the hassle out of real estate and do it all with a bit of fun...

Do you love where you live? I do. And, I can help you get to that place. We'll take the hassle out of real estate and do it all with a bit of fun...

Feb 9 4 minutes read

A couple weeks ago my phone started its inevitable slow and painful death. After a few moments of complete panic without access to maps or anyway to access some listings, I realized a new phone was in order.

Sorry, to its legions of fans; but, I'm not really an Apple girl and am more of an Android user. In buying the new phone I knew that I needed a good camera so the new Samsung Galaxy 8+ was the way to go. On-line users touted its fantastic photo quality.  I must agree, the pics are pretty spectacular.

Given the quality of their cell phone, some agents assume they can short-change their sellers by taking photos of their listings themselves. Especially listings in the lower price range. 

Yesterday, I listed a charming home in a lakeside community. Many of these homes were cottages around the lake and have been modified over the years.  When I arrived at the house, it was clean and organized so I decided to snap some  pics with my snazzy new phone. I didn't rearrange anything or remove any personal items...I just walked and clicked. 

For most agents, this is the sum total of how they begin their marketing for a new listing. They run in, often don't even turn on lights, take a few pictures and call it day.  Friends, this is not a full service agent. If you are paying a full price commission, you should expect more--so demand more.

But, it's not just about the angles and lighting and camera equipment. A big part of my job is to set the stage for the photographer so I spend the hour before the shoot rearranging, editing personal items, even cleaning. Oh, the stories I could tell you....

I just received the professional photos from the photographer we use for this new listing. While my Samsung photos are good--and a million times better than some photos I see on-line--you can see just how much better the professional photos are.  

Agent's Phone Photos
Professional High Quality
I certainly can't be bothered to get out of my car and take the picture. And besides, you probably only want half a garage, right?
We moved the car out of the driveway and captured the whole house and garage.

The home is very tidy, but had some excess furniture that shows awkwardly in photos.

We removed some items on the fireplace, personal photos, and furniture to show off the space. Now, you notice the fireplace and high ceilings.

Close doors? Not necessary when you are a busy agent and want to get to the next house.

The photographer knows to stand farther back, ensure all other doors are closed, the space is clear & lights are on.
You only really need half a kitchen, anyway.

Professional photography allows buyers to see both sides of the kitchen.
This room is so bright and spacious yet it shows dark and narrow in agent photo.

With professional equipment you notice the sliding door and skylight.
Personal items and dark corners.

The photographer can bounce light into all corners of the room giving a brighter appearance.

Many agents will stand in the doorway of the room and take the  only picture.

My photographer noticed the better shot was from the opposite corner.

Presenting your home the right way is just the first step to a solid marketing plan. If the first step is wrong, how will the other steps go?

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