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Lake County, IL Market Update - July, 2024

Tami Stough

Do you love where you live? I do. And, I can help you get to that place. We'll take the hassle out of real estate and do it all with a bit of fun...

Do you love where you live? I do. And, I can help you get to that place. We'll take the hassle out of real estate and do it all with a bit of fun...

Jul 9 4 minutes read

July Lake County Market Report

The real estate market in Lake County is experiencing significant changes, with trends that both buyers and sellers need to understand. As of the latest reports, the median sales price for homes in Lake County has seen a notable increase of 9.1% compared to last year. This rise in home prices reflects a robust demand for housing in the area, making it a seller’s market.

However, this price surge comes with its own set of challenges, particularly due to the low inventory of homes available for sale. The number of homes on the market has decreased by nearly 14% from last year, leading to a corresponding drop in the number of homes sold, which is down about 10%. This shortage of available properties is a critical factor slowing the real estate market in Lake County.

What Does This Mean for Buyers?

For potential homebuyers, the current market conditions require a more strategic approach. The combination of rising prices and limited inventory means buyers need to be diligent and proactive. Working with a well-connected real estate agent is more important than ever. An experienced agent can provide access to off-market and pre-market opportunities that might not be visible to the general public.

In this competitive environment, buyers must be prepared to act quickly. This means having finances in order, pre-approval for a mortgage secured, and being ready to make strong offers when the right property becomes available. The average market time for homes in Lake County remains less than a month, consistent with last year, indicating that well-priced homes are selling rapidly.

Sellers Hold the Upper Hand

On the other side of the transaction, sellers in Lake County are in a favorable position. The demand for homes continues to outstrip supply, which puts upward pressure on prices and gives sellers the advantage of multiple offers. However, this seller’s market is not without its complexities.

Navigating multiple offers can be challenging, especially when dealing with various contingencies and potentially frustrated buyers. More deals are falling apart at the negotiation stage, which underscores the importance of having a skilled agent to manage the process and ensure a smooth path to closing.

No Sign of a Market Crash

Despite these dynamics, there is no indication that the Lake County real estate market is heading for a crash or a significant drop in home prices. The sustained demand and limited supply support continued price growth. Buyers and sellers alike should be prepared for a competitive market environment but can remain confident in the stability of the market.


In summary, the Lake County real estate market is characterized by rising home prices, tight inventory, and rapid sales. Buyers need to be more strategic and prepared than ever, working closely with connected agents to find the best opportunities. Sellers, while benefiting from the current market conditions, must navigate the complexities of multiple offers and contingencies. Both buyers and sellers can remain optimistic about the stability and continued growth of home prices in Lake County, even amid the challenges of a highly competitive market.

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