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Finding homes for people in the Chicago suburbs is what I do.  Deciding which town, or style or rejecting a house for not having granite counter tops (thank you, House Hunters) are minor concerns in the big picture of life. I'm thrilled that I have partnered with an organization that provides homes for the most vulnerable.

The Journey 

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it God's timing, call it whatever; but, there are times in our lives when all the pieces come together in just the right way that you know it was meant to be.


I worked with Chris and became friends with his wife, Danna.  As so often happens, job changes and a move distanced us.


Danna and I reconnect on Facebook and I noticed pictures of her and her children surrounded by beautiful children in Africa as well as photos of her running in fundraisers for an organization called Oasis for Orphans.


Although Danna and I hadn't seen each other in 20 years, Danna contacted me about real estate. Over coffee we chatted about her involvement with the African orphanage. I learned she and a few other local families started the charity after a visit to Africa in 2004. 

I learned that Oasis provides a holistic care approach for orphaned children, and focus on four key areas, including physical, spiritual, educational, and social development.


In January, a client referred me to a friend, Elaine, to sell her house. We sat down to discuss her goals, timeframe, expectations. She said she felt a burning pull to leave her job, friends, and even sell her home to move to Africa to become a teacher in an orphanage. When asked for more specifics, she said she was going with Oasis for Orphans and had even just interviewed with my friends.

That's quite a coincidence, right? I hadn't spoken with my friend in 20 years and two months later I'm asked to sell the home of a person ready to dedicate her life to helping orphans in Africa. I still call it fate.

Elaine felt that everything was moving too fast and she wanted to wait to sell her home. We discussed the market, the timing, the "coincidence" and in the end she said, "You're right. I'm freaked out, but let's do this now. What is meant to be will be."

One weekend on the market and we had a full-priced offer. She closed 30 days later.

Elaine wrote in her blog: 

There have been some shut doors the past few months.  But, let me share the past two weeks.  I was adopted as a missions partner by my church.  I put my house on the market and sold it for the full asking price.  I have a place to live, rent free, for my remaining three months as a teacher in the States.  I have many offers from friends and family to help pack, sort, donate all of my material life.  If I needed flashing lights in the sky to confirm God’s direction for my life, I think this counts.

My Commitment  

Based on my experience selling Elaine's house, I felt compelled to make a long-term commitment to Oasis for Orphans. I have committed to donating a portion of every home I sell, in the seller's name, to further their important work in Africa.

The Oklahoma Connection

I am a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Some might even call my enthusiasm for the Sooners bordering on fanaticism.

So, imagine my surprise when I was looking through Oasis for Orphans Instagram page and this picture showed up.


By "coincidence" Oasis for Orphans has partnered with the University of Oklahoma for an intern program. If this were not further evidence of a connection to this beautiful cause, I don't know what is!

Selling homes in the Chicago suburbs is very rewarding. Knowing my efforts play a tiny role in helping find homes for everyone is a blessing.

To partner with me in this great cause, please visit their website: 


Africa By the Numbers

Oasis for Orphans is committed to serving vulnerable children in Southwest Kenya.

I am committed to partnering with them and my clients.

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